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NeSSi2 2.1.2 has been released

Available for download now!


NeSSi2 2.1.1 has been released

Available for download now!


Error with Win32 UI zip file

The zip-file for the Win32 version was damaged, after decompressing it showed duplicate files. We...


See NeSSi2 in action: Lange Nachte der Wissenschaften 2012 (Science Night 2012)

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Monday 04. of July 2011 - New release available: 2.0.0-beta.5.1

Hello dear NeSSi² user,
we are happy to announce the new beta5.1 version!

Changes from beta3 to beta5.1:

New Features:

  • A Project Builder keeps track of file modifications in the UI and updates inner resources (e.g. Profiles modified outside a scenario will be updated when they change)
  • A Basic XML Editor with syntax highlightning has been added to NeSSi to ease editing recorder configurations
  • Networks & Subnets can be automatically layouted in various ways (configurable via preferences)
  • Nodes have one position per subnet, moving a node does not affect other subnets anymore
  • Added better support for renaming elements in a network (via context menu or if 'F2' is pressed)
  • New components can be installed into NeSSi via eclipse-update sites (self-update is planned)
  • More robust handling of erroneous simulations & better feedback on UI-side

Bug Fixes:

  • Instantiation of TCP/IP applications on the backend produced errors
  • Applications deployed on unconnected Nodes produced errors during simulation
  • Better documentation on the parameters of the UDP-Application
  • @Description annotations are displayed as tooltips in profile editor
  • Many minor issues

We thank you for comments and hints regarding bugs as well as feature requests. We hope you continue supporting us

- the NeSSi2 team

PS:  In case you are wondering what happened to beta.4 and beta.5 beta.4 was only released to students in one of our lectures at TU Berlin, since it did not include all features for the next planned release. beta.5 contained a bug and removed a day after it appeared on SourceForge, in rare cases projects files were damaged during consistency checks.


Wednesday 01. of June 2011 - New Video

NeSSi2 has been presented during the demo sessions at the AAMAS 2011. The video for the demo is available on our video page and on YouTube.

Thursday 03. of June 2010 - New release available: 2.0.0-beta.3

Finally, a new version of NeSSi2 is available for download.

Since the last release we were busy on NeSSi2 related research projects (details on this will follow soon). Those projects required some fundamental changes to the simulation model of NeSSi2 and are the reason for the long time between releases.

The main changes and new features in this release are:

  • Revised network and simulation model. The core models are now independent of IP related features and can be used for any simulations that can be modeled with graphs.
  • Improved project structured.
  • New editors for standard concepts (profile, scenario, ...) in NeSSi2.
  • API simplifications, e.g. devices (nodes) are now created with special purpose editors, without any need for implementation of Java classes.
  • Icons for nodes can be customized.

Tuesday 20. of October 2009 - NeSSi² user interface now available for Mac OS X (10.6.x)

In the last months we were busy with a new NeSSi2 related project and are now in the progress to moving some of the results into a new NeSSi2 release.

This new release will hopefully be finished in November or December 2009.

One change in this release is that it will be based on Eclipse 3.5 and allows us to create Mac OS X version of out user interface. For a lecture we created back-port of this for the currently released NeSSi2. So our students already can work with NeSSi2 and do not need to wait for the next release.


Tuesday 03. of March 2009 - New release avaiable: 2.0.0-beta.2.1

Unfortunately we missed some bugs during testing the new plug-in API and SQLite integration.

This bug fix release contains the following:

  • Annotations used in developing own devices and application no longer require public visibility, if they do not directly sub-class the abstract classes provided in the API.
  • Generation of identifiers for connections and network elements in rare cases duplicated identifiers, this should be fixed now.
  • The handling of relative file names and absolute file names on Windows resulted in the creation of two SQLite files (one for the UI and one for the backend), instead of one shared file.

The bug fix is avaiable on our Download page.

If you have questions about NeSSi2 or you need support using NeSSi2, please contact us at

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